Inspiration included

Thursday is always a big personal training day for me. Normally I have a lot of clients and today wasn’t packed. Wilson came in and has been having a tough time of it. We talked about pushing to her daily limit, not expecting that every training session you will be able to have the same output. George came in next and we worked legs. He continues to improve on the box squats and then we finished with some front and sumo squats as well. Then it was off to CrossFit Greensboro.

The WOD for Thursday is rest and today the theme for our rest day was a chipper style workout that included tire flips, bungy cord runs before the real work started. The real work was carrying a single kettlebell 400m and at each 100m mark completing an exercise with the kettlebell. It was brutal because after all of the exercises all the athletes finished with 400m, unweighted, sprint back to the box! Fun times and some amazing performances, but they were all overshadowed but what came next.

John is the head coach at CrossFit Greensboro and believes that we should punish ourselves for getting older, especially to attack our weaknesses. So he set himself a task oriented workout with a time limit equal to his new age, 35min. His task is in the picture above. This is impressive mostly because 350# is a huge deadlift for John being over 85% of his 1RM and a 50″ box jump is brutal. With both of these near max efforts for 35 reps each, it is amazing that he had anything left to complete the burpee muscle-ups. Incredibly he did all of these reps well under the time limit. The one part that I left out is John biggest apprehension in lifting is the heavy deadlift because he has hurt his back doing this before. The mental focus and the courage that he had to attack this workout was simply inspirational.


One thought on “Inspiration included

  1. I agree 100% Josh. It was an amazing and inspiring thing to see John do his birthday WOD. You guys are all pretty incredible!

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