Making it through

Wednesday is hump day and I felt like it was when I woke up. John’s little triplet left me hurting every, but there was little time to reflect on the pain as I headed into work with George. We hit a heavy back day as he was still struggling with sinus issues. We made some great progress getting a PR at 8RM for bent row with close underhand grip.

Then I headed outside to complete the second consecutive day of anabolic threshold training. 12 sets of 280m shuttle leaving every 3 minutes, the quicker you finish the more rest you get. Unfortunately due to John’s ridiculous workout, my posterior chain tightened every run and it was struggle to get through any of the reps. But I kept pushing and was grateful when I finished my last one. The good thing was that it was a fairly warm and very humid day. The amount you sweat is immense and I know one of the challenges that I will face in the Philippines will be staying hydrated.

At the end of the day I head to the Sportsplex for the Kid’s class at CrossFit Greensboro and when no one showed up for the adult class I decided to do some resistance band squat. The translation to rugby is quite cool because with a resistance band you never stop pushing when you stand up straight, similar to how you reload in scrum without taking pressure off the opposition but reset for the next powerful movement. I ended up doing a lot of triples something along 135# for 4 sets, 185# for 2 sets, 225# for 3 sets, 275# for 3 sets and 295# for 3 sets. I was stoked because I was able to work on my sticking points and my speed.


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