Being Flexible in Approach

Tuesday was a weird day for me. David had to switch from his usual Monday slot to a Tuesday midday slot because his son Alex was competing in a high school golf championship. David was feeling pretty tired with all of the driving, so we started off heavy then brought it home at the end of the session with a met con workout. George was next and was suffering from severe allergies. We both knew that he wasn’t going to be able to do anything fast, so we went heavy shoulders and he was awesome. Then Steve came in. Being in a wheelchair and having MS has not stopped Steve from wanting to do what everyone else can do, so with a bit of effort we got Steve doing a lot more exercises on the TRX including the row…about which I was very nervous (check out the pics).

Then I went off to CrossFit Greensboro to workout. I had missed a conditioning session the day before cause I was feeling like crap, so I decided that I would anabolic threshold condition on Tuesday and Wednesday with different exercises. Tuesday was 8 x 3min row at sub 1:50/500m pace. This was brutal! I wanted to quit at about the 3rd interval, but I stayed with it. Then I helped coach before sticking around putting up 5 sets of 5 push jerk. This first time that I have put up heavy weight from in front of the head capably in ages. I have been steering away from this lift because of my wrist, but with a bit of recovery time I decided to go after it and got up to 5 reps at 205#. I was pretty happy with this, it means I should be able to get a lot more for just one, but that will have to wait until after the tournament. I finished the day out with met con designed by John to gas me…guess what, he succeeded. Tire flips, 200m run and hip & back extensions. By my second round of tire flips I was hurting, but it definitely reminded me of the fatigue that I feel during games when getting down to clear someone out at the end of the game. So it was good to post a good time of 12:22 and push through the pain.

Sometimes my day, life or situation doesn’t go as planned. The object is to take that into account and make adjustments accordingly. Every day needs to be successful, but success may be as small as taking one step in the right direction or as large as setting a PR. Accepting and working within your limitations can lead you make gains where you don’t expect them.

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