Strengths and Weaknesses

Monday and the start of the last week before I take off to the Philippines. Monday also saw an instructor workout at CrossFit Greensboro. I started by practicing some squat cleans. I got up to a pretty decent weight of singles for 225#. I think that I did too many of them, about 6-8 singles. Then I did some more technique work at 135#. I am grateful that I learned to squat clean from Griff as he made me practice the drop and the catch over and over again. It branded into my memory the movement and even when I don’t do a lot of them, I find it easy to find my rhythm again. A good foundation is one of the strengths of my training background. Learning from and working with people who helped me push my limits has helped create a much better athlete at 29 than I was at 21.

The weakness came during the workout. I stepped up to do another benchmark, “Elizabeth” which is 21-15-9 reps of two exercises: squat cleans and ring dips. I thought that I would breeze through the squat cleans because 135# isn’t a huge weight for me, but 21 is a lot and I found that my real strength in this workout was the ring dips. Although I couldn’t always put a lot together, I needed less break and I was mentally able to push through. THe squat cleans were a little demoralizing. I thought I was doing well, but with my wrist I wasn’t able to keep a hold of the bar when doing the workout and couldn’t link any reps together. I let it get to me mentally instead of reframing and focusing on simply completing the next rep, taking one breath and then doing the next one. Reframing during a hard time can take a weakness and turn it a strength. Yet another small lesson learned along the way.

One of the ways to develop the ability to reframe under pressure is to develop a strategy before a workout. When I was playing at SFGG one of the senior players on the team used to badger on about “next job”. It didn’t matter whether you did something good on the field the only thing that mattered was how you did your next job. I have started to think about how I can use this during a game and a workout personally. My strategy is to give myself a cue word that I can turn in a workout. My other tip is I need to find new inspiration each game or workout. The reason is that every situation is different and you can’t just import one feeling and keep it forever. So before each game or workout, I’m gonna give myself a word to whisper to myself whenever I feel I need a pick-up. It’ll change depending on my feelings, but I think it is going to help.


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