Getting Ready for the Philippines

Saturday was a busy day. I was coaching at CrossFit Greensboro in the morning and it was a choose your own adventure day, with everyone picking a different named workout. The tough part about this is that you have to change gears and figure out what each person needs, how to scale it and get them going. It was a lot of fun though and I enjoyed the challenge a lot.

Then in the afternoon I returned to tackle Eva in the middle of the afternoon in the hottest part of the day with humidity at about 95%. This was to get me ready for the Philippines. Eva is a monster workout and all told includes a 2.5 mile run, 150 pull-ups and 150 2 pood kettlebell swings. I finished the workout, but I was not happy with how it went. The toughest part was mentally pushing myself with no one else there. One of the advantages of CrossFit is that you workout in a competitive atmosphere without that it can become difficult to tackle such a long and challenging workout. I really wanted to give up at a couple of different points especially when I ripped open both palms during the pull-ups in the just the second of five rounds. I made it through in a respectable time with 57:50, but as I found out today when everyone else did it, it wasn’t a great time as I was beaten.

So how do I react to this.There are two options: 1) I could get down on myself and question whether I put in enough effort or, 2) I can accept that I pushed for my potential that day with a different purpose in mind. I have chosen option 2. I don’t like being beaten, but right now I am specifically training for my time in the Philippines and India. I chose to run in the middle of the afternoon in the sun because that is what I will be doing overseas and I did it by myself. That made this workout absolutely brutal. 5 rounds of 800m , 30 2pood(32kg) kettlebell swings and 30 pull-ups. I wanted to give up, this was mentally the toughest spot I had ever put myself in. My hands ripped open on the first round, then worsened in the second and third and hurt, but I finished. I pushed past the pain, the bad situation, the bleeding hands and completed the workout. I was so happy that I finished and happy that my time was respectable. My learning curve of knowing what I can push through mentally was huge and I learned a lot about myself when completing this workout.

Sometimes it is the intangibles from a workout which benefit you the most. My mental game is on and I look forward to taking on every challenge that is awaiting me and my teammates in the Philippines and India.


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