Lifting the Volume

Thursday dawned and I was starting to settle into the idea that I didn’t have classes. I thought about working out in the morning, but then I decided it would be better to catch up on some sleep and do the on vacation student thing. Then it was off to The Club. David came in at his old midday slot and pumped out a phenomenal workout. Normally I put the metabolic conditioning component at the end of the workout, but I really wanted him to push hard, so I put it after the warm-up. Three exercises all out for 10 min. David was awesome and it was great to see him push through a workout where the end comes with time not with the amount of work completed. George came in next and we went heavy. He put up 225# on the INCLINE BENCH for three reps. I was hugely impressed as this had been a mental sticking point before. It is great to see people overcome these things.

In the evening I was looking after Brynn, so instead of working out I played with her. She has an infectious smile and a giggle that will make you go weak at the knees. She is also developing a wicked sense of humor, where she will tease you then run away laughing!!! I guess this is what my parents have been waiting for me to experience.

As for my workouts. I started in the afternoon with a 360 meter shuttle, where I left every 3 minutes with my rest determined by how quickly I finished my run. It was brutal but good. I completed 10 reps and with some humidity and some heat I felt like I was really prepping for the Philippines and India. After spending time with Brynn in the afternoon I went back to CrossFit Greensboro to get in a lift and a workout. My lift was triples of overhead squat. I ended up getting 185# which felt really good. So then I put 225# on the bar and decided to give it a go for one. Much to my delight, I did 1 rep of 225#. This is exciting because it is more than my body weight! Then I did my workout. 15 x 95# push press, 15 abmat sit-ups, 15 24″ box jumps as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. This was absolutely brutal. I thought that it was going to be that bad, but everything put together took a tremendous toll on my body. I got through 7 rounds and was completely spent.

Friday I had no clients so with John and Bruce at the box with me I tackled a hero workout. These workouts are named in honor of a serviceperson who has died in the line of duty. It is awesome to pay tribute to them by naming these workouts after them and remembering what they did. I completed the Hero workout Josh. In remembrance of SSG Joshua Hager who died in Iraq. It is 21×95# overhead squat, 42 pull-ups, 15 overhead squat, 30 pull-ups, 9 overhead squat, 18 pull-ups. No hero workout is ever easy, they are a tribute for people who gave their lives for us. This was a challenge for me I completed it in 8:56. Absolutely a tough workout and to say thanks to all those who serve in the services across the world.

The video is of me doing the benchmark “Isabel” from Monday. My form isn’t as tight as I would like, but I was pretty happy with the time. Just in case you are wondering, I started my workout with 1min on the clock and finished it with 4:08. Making my Isabel time 3:08.


One thought on “Lifting the Volume

  1. That’s a fast Isabel. For rugby application, I’d love to see more hip turnover on the catch. Not just an opening of the hip into a muscle snatch. The athleticism is in the turnover of the hips from flex-open-flex. Keep up the good work. I think it’s pretty awesome you’re repping a national side.


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