Getting it done

So Wednesday was pretty uneventful on the whole. George came in and we worked on some pretty heavy box squats. He got up to 185# which is impressive for someone who has had 3 surgeries on his left knee. He did really well and he proved to himself how strong his core has gotten being able to stabilize with that much weight sitting across his shoulders.

John Meeks at CrossFit Greensboro programmed in the “Filthy Fifity” and something that I have learned about named workouts is that they are hard…really hard. It was really fun coaching people through the 10 exercises of 50 reps each. It is tough physically and mentally to push through that many exercises and that many reps. All the athletes worked really hard and pushed to their limits, stopping when needed before getting back into and completing their sets. One of the seniors of UNCG’s Rugby team came for his first workout and I have to say he did really well, though I think he got more than he bargained for!!

As for me, I rested. After no sleep on Tuesday and a double workout I listened to my body. Sometimes rest is as important as working out and for me today was that was definitely the case. I began to warm-up with some squats and my body was absolutely screaming. Sometimes the hardest thing is to be honest with yourself and say that you can’t do it.


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