Semester complete

Put it in the books, Spring 2010 is finished! I am stoked this semester has been challenging due to the differing nature and time intensiveness of my classes. But I made it through, now it is the most nerve-wracking part of the whole deal…waiting for your final grades to be posted! I didn’t work on Thursday or Friday, coached at CrossFit Greensboro on Saturday morning, but most of the time was spent either resting my brain or saying 3-2-1…GO!!! for study.

Training wise Monday was a quiet day. David came in for a session and worked hard. We started heavy supersetted with explosive work and finished with complex circuits. He did really well and I know he was flabbergasted with how many reps he did, but he pushed really well. Coaching at CrossFit Greensboro last night was awesome. The workout was 10×135# Power Clean, 10x 24″ Box Jumps as many rounds as possible in 12 min. This was brutal for everyone involved but it was great to see people push themselves. I have always said that seeing someone complete a new skill or master a skill that has given the trouble is the reason I coach and that was borne out last night. Tad worked really hard but was struggling to master the power clean. By the end of the night he was power cleaning efficiently and consistently. It was awesome to watch!

As for me, the last few days have been challenging. Thursday was a rest day and I rested. It was hard to watch others workout, but I was disciplined and felt good on Friday because of it. Friday I was feeling unmotivated. It is tough to push yourself, so I did a lot of skill work on the GHD, double unders and med ball slams. Then I went for a couplet that I thought would be easy but it wasn’t. 10xR 1 pood KB snatch, 10xL 1 pood KB snatch, 10x push-ups 10 rounds for time! THe first 5 rounds were sweet, the last five not so sweet, it caught up good. 16:13 was time. Saturday I did some gymnastic work as I hung around home. Sunday was a rest/mother’s day!

Monday I got straight back into it. Interval run at lunch time (sprints with ball, sprints without ball and push-ups) then I worked out after I coached. My lift was a triple of squat snatch. I got up to 155# which I was pretty happy with. I struggle with the technique of the squat snatch. To reinforce the technique John thought that I should do Isabel afterwards and I agreed. To be honest Isabel scared me 30 reps of 135# snatch. The reason why is that I should be good at Isabel, but the fear was what if I am not? What if I put up a terrible time? So I practiced re-framing my thoughts. With every outcome there s an opportunity cost, so I evaluated the op cost and saw that it was I could put up a great time, one that I was proud of. With this new positive thought I attacked the workout and knocked out the reps in 3:08. I was super happy, obviously would have loved a sub 3, but I really relied on the power of positive thinking.


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