Remembering my goals

There are times when I get so caught up in what I am doing that I forget about why I am doing it. It is at these times that I often feel the most overwhelmed with everything that I have to do. This is the best time to take a step back then take a depth breath and think about the “why” I am doing something. If I remember the motivation and it provides me with a renewed focus to accomplish the task. This is what it has been like with the end of semester. There have been tests, assignments and exams almost twice a week for the last month and I have felt overwhelmed.

Then last night I stopped for a second to think about why I was studying, playing rugby and training. I took a breath and remembered that the reason that I am doing is because I have goals. Goals to be a better father and husband that include being more employable. Goals that include a potential professional coaching career. Goals that include being with my friends. When I thought about my motivations I realized that I was filling my life with positive things. This small reframing helped me go into the second day of exams with a very positive outlook. I felt more relaxed and I think that I did well.

So that has pretty much been my last two days. Exam, study, exam, study, exam! It worked out well with Thursday being a rest day in my schedule. Now it is time to get back to my training. Tonight I am going to listen to my body and do a met con and probably some tempo rowing intervals. It is all about the journey and I am enjoying mine.

The other thing that I remembered last night was that it is the first time my wife will be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday and that means my daughter is almost a year old!!! That is crazy. I can’t imagine life without her. Julie and I have had a great time being parents and students. It truely helps to remember that they are my primary motivation for all of my goals.


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