Control the controllables

Reading day came and I was working most of the day. Not something tha I would have planned that way but I have done the work during semester so I can cope with less concentrated study before my finals. With of my exams this week this is my last day of work so I was pretty full.

Wilson came in and powered through a cinco de mayo workout. 5 sets of 5 exercises for 5 reps each each set completed without putting the dumbbells down. Then Len pushed his limits dragging weights. Ben was the star performer coming in before an exam and being hit with a tonne of wipers. He powered through and got it done.

As for me, I listened to my body. I wasn’t expecting to do a chipper style workout on Tuesday so instea of just plowing ahead I settled for attempting to set a new personal record on deadlift. I was pretty tired especially I’m the hamstrings fr Diane on Monday but I still equalled my pr of 465# but I didn’t have anything else so I stopped dropped the weight to 425 for my last two lifts and called it a day. I have found that failing is sometimes the best way to know if you’ve reached your potential that day. I learned this during rugby that potential is dynamic everyday it is different. So when measuring your performance you wan to make sure you are hitting your potential for that day…the key for menus to make sure my low potential days are higher than others high potential days.


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