Pushing through the barriers

Today was hard. Last Monday of the school year and it was storming around Greensboro. David didn’t seem to be affected by the weather but was a little sore from walking the course at the Quail Hollow Championship. He got in a great workout, over 450 reps in the session and powered through. George’s knee on the other didn’t like the change in pressure and was swollen. We did some range of movement stuff before hitting heavy shoulders. It was a great effort by George to set a new personal best for 6RM!

As for me, it is always hard to begin “pre-season” as soon as one season finishes, but that is part and parcel. Charlotte Rugby Club had a tough season with injuries and young team and we did not make the play-offs. This meant that “Mad Monday” was spent mapping out the next few weeks as I prepare for the Philippine Volcanoes season. Today I started with 60 x 40m tempo runs leaving every 20 sec. The idea was to practice my maintaining my form at 80-85% intensity while becoming fatigued. Focusing on technique is crucial to developing good habits that show under duress. So I am practicing good habits while getting in my conditioning. My lift today was front squat 5 sets of 3. With my aim to keep my core integrity. I did this and put up 2 sets of 225 and 3 of 245. Then I meet a barrier.

The CrossFit Greensboro Workout of the Day was “Diane” a nasty little workout that is 225# deadlift and handstand push-ups. The reps are 21-15-9 and I haven’t done any handstand push-ups during season because of shoulder, wrist and elbow injuries. Today I fronted and was sorely beaten by Diane. I pushed through the workout and did my handstand push-ups all the way to a 2 inch raised mat because I couldn’t go to head touching the ground (it just hurt my wrist too much!) It took me a long time 16 min 50 sec, but I made it through.

My big take away from the workout today is to focus on the little goals. Breaking the bigger task into smaller achievable goals allows you to build confidence in yourself. I often break tasks into smaller goals, but today I remembered to give myself a small pat on the back every time I achieved a small goal. This is crucial to the success of breaking up your task into small goals. Without this you seem to make the task bigger because there are more milestones, but if you celebrate each time you start remembering all the little celebrations and before you know it you have made it to your goal.


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