Focus on the task

Today has been pretty random. I had a Spanish oral exam, re-drafted an English paper and began studying in earnest for my final exams. In between I found time to get my workouts in and train some people.

George was late and had just finished getting some active release therapy done on his knee so we focused on his back. Then came Steve who is a success for jus wanting to work out. He has MS. We work on maintaining as much movement and activation as possible. He works hard and today we modified his sit and stand with TRX suspension system so he was standing on a step. This meant the angle that he was driving out of was more acute making the movement more difficult. He focused had some struggles but as the pic below testifies he got all the way to upright.

As for me today was difficult. In my agility work I focused on quality with a big rest every 6 reps. Then I went to CrossFit Greensboro where I coached then did the workout. I was inspired by the athletes I was coaching, some of the times they put up were awesome. I did the workout finished in 13:22 then proceeded to collapse. My daughter found this amusing an stood looking at me laughing. My focus for this workout was to push when I felt like stopping and I did that. Today I am most proud that I set goals and achieved a positive outcome.


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