Philippine National Team

This has been a really busy time of year for me, exams quickly approaching, rugby season coming to an end, two jobs and spending time with the beautiful women in my life (my wife Julie and daughter Brynn), and now I add one more exciting piece. A couple of weeks ago I travelled to New York City to participate in the Philippine National Rugby team trials. It was exciting to see so many Philippine rugby players living and playing rugby in the United States. Since then I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the 24 players who will represent the Philippine Volcanoes National Rugby team at the A5N Division 2 tournament in New Delhi, India at the beginning of June. I am extremely excited to once again be preparing for the challenges of international Rugby after taking a year off for the birth of my daughter.

However, it is an expensive trip and I am looking to raise portion of my airfare to the Philippines. My wife, a graduate student, and myself, an undergraduate student, have worked hard to save money for my trip but I am falling a couple of dollars short. If you would like to help me get to the Philippines to represent the country of my heritage I would greatly appreciate it. Please click on the PayPal donate button below or left. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

So to keep everyone informed about my goings on, I will be increasing the number of posts and topics on my blog. Apart from the successes of my clients, I will keep you updated on my personal fitness progress and be throwing out some tips on Rugby and fitness in general. Once again thanks for all your support.


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