Back at it

This week I was back to school. I finally settled on my school schedule Monday evening then started back on Tuesday. It’s been a big change with everday holding an 8am start. I’m also back with some new knowledge and techniques from my certification course in Montclair, NJ.

A few highlights from the week: Wilson completed a half mile at the beginning and end of her workout in approx 9min pace while maintaining and easy stride and relaxed shoulders. George busted out a pretty impressive week hitting every body part on two different days. David had a start slowed by illness but pushed through a tough road to recovery workout. However it was Ben who outshone everyone this week. We’ve been working on the kipping pull-up where the hips generate force with goal of being able to perform more in the same time. Ben not only figured out the kip he completed his first muscle up (pic below).

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