Find your potential in the New Year

The end of the week was a crazy affair. Thursday saw almost everyone come in and Friday no one. David kicked things off with one of our most intense workouts. Lots of reps and lots of sets before finishing with a core power trio that was far from ordinary. George came in and beasted through a heavy chest workout, punishing some heavy dumbbells. Len was stiff but pushed through a TRX weight drag. Ben went as heavy as his potential on the day would allow.

This leads me to my thought for the day. Measure your potential daily. Every morning wake up and review your dream goal and set yourself one task that will help you take a step towards it that day. Set a task that challenges your ability that day. One day it maybe a super hard workout, another it maybe permission to do nothing but relax with family. It starts with knowing your goals and then consciously doing something everyday to achieve them.

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