Mondays…started the week off with some energy

Monday rolled around but I was ready this week. Determined and prepared for a full week of my new class schedule with everyone’s time falling into place.

David came in and dealt with his time change well. He ate right and pushed through an incredible number of reps and sets. The afternoon started with George. It was all about back, starting pull-ups and ended with some mid-trap work. Ben was up for heavy squatting and we stacked on 255# & he went below parallell. The day finished up with Mel who survived to tell the tale a out 1 x 15# kettlebell, 4 x exercises & 16 minutes of work.

Back at it

This week I was back to school. I finally settled on my school schedule Monday evening then started back on Tuesday. It’s been a big change with everday holding an 8am start. I’m also back with some new knowledge and techniques from my certification course in Montclair, NJ.

A few highlights from the week: Wilson completed a half mile at the beginning and end of her workout in approx 9min pace while maintaining and easy stride and relaxed shoulders. George busted out a pretty impressive week hitting every body part on two different days. David had a start slowed by illness but pushed through a tough road to recovery workout. However it was Ben who outshone everyone this week. We’ve been working on the kipping pull-up where the hips generate force with goal of being able to perform more in the same time. Ben not only figured out the kip he completed his first muscle up (pic below).

From morning till night

Last day before I head up to New Jersey for a trainig cert and also my last day before school starts and it seemed to go on forever. Wilson came in early an we worked high reps, low weight and great form. The idea was to keep the biomechanics as close to perfect as possible and maintain the total work load. David came in next and we worked at a medium pace because he’s been under the weather. Huge amount of work was completed but the loads were lighter and the power work was kept to a minimum. Len finished out the day and faced a huge challenge for the legs with leg press mixed with seated bike.

In the evening I was the guest coach at Triad Youth Rugby u19 training session. They worked hard and picked up a lot of key concepts. I wish them all the best as they chase a state title this year.

The pic today is of my little girl who is tryig to walk already at just 7 1/2 months old. She is pushing up on her caraway and holding on with just one hand. She’s going to be a bundle of movement soon.

Get back to basics

Sometimes as a trainer it is easy to get caught up inthr latest phase and try and do too much. Today when Ben came in we got back to basics. The basics of the squat. Hips going back and down, keeping the weight on the heels and chest up with head looking forward. We dropped the weight and remastered the basics of the squat and started hammeringyhr overhead squat. Ben did really well and by the end we lifted the intensity and he got a great workout.

So my lesson is that tale the time to remember the basics of things and do the ordinary so well that people think it is the extraordinary.

Find your potential in the New Year

The end of the week was a crazy affair. Thursday saw almost everyone come in and Friday no one. David kicked things off with one of our most intense workouts. Lots of reps and lots of sets before finishing with a core power trio that was far from ordinary. George came in and beasted through a heavy chest workout, punishing some heavy dumbbells. Len was stiff but pushed through a TRX weight drag. Ben went as heavy as his potential on the day would allow.

This leads me to my thought for the day. Measure your potential daily. Every morning wake up and review your dream goal and set yourself one task that will help you take a step towards it that day. Set a task that challenges your ability that day. One day it maybe a super hard workout, another it maybe permission to do nothing but relax with family. It starts with knowing your goals and then consciously doing something everyday to achieve them.

Back at it

I hope everyone had a great NY’s. I spent it with friends from Australia and had an absolute blast. But today it was time to get back to it.

Wilson returned and roughed out a session after habit a tough holiday period with the flu. Then George came in and blasted back, lots of sets ad weight. Then Ben hit back and shoulders for volume. Lots of sets and reps with short rest. The pick is of Ben doing the hard work in 2010.