What should I do for my first workout of the year?

TRX Nightmares (complete 3 times as quick as possible)
12 Single Leg Burpees (each leg)
12 Single Leg Explosive Suspended Lunges (each leg)
8 Muscle-Up Prep (each leg)
30 Row
8 Handstand Push-ups (each leg)
10 “Y”
10 “T”
20 Atomic Pike Push-ups
12 Hamstring Curl to Hip Press

Kettlebell Torture (complete 5 times as quick as possible)
15 Clean & Jerk
20 Overhead Walking Lunges
25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
30 Swings

Plyometric Insanity (complete once)
20 High Box Jumps
20 BB Push Press
20 MB Slams
20 Medium Box Explosive Switches
20 MB Butterfly Sit-up & Throw
20 Drop Down Push-ups
20 DB Squat Jumps
20 MB Chest Pass
20 BB Clean & Jerk
20 DB Burpees

This may not be my wisest decision, but hey I guess you guys get to set the tone for the coming year. Vote in the poll below.

Back at The Club

Back after Christmas break with Julie and Brynn. We travelled to Alabama. Great time away. I hope that everyone else has enjoyed their break as well and enjoyed Christmas time.

Today was couples day. First Ben came in after going crazy on a tree the day before we hit chest and back heavy. It was a brutal workout consisting of a heavy lift followed by a stabilising second set of the superset. Then it was Mel’s turn. It took me a long time to set the equipment that I needed up…never a good sign for anyone. She powered through, but going and going is a tough way to workout.

Then Tonya finally dragged Jason with her. It was the first session with Jason so we took it pretty easy on him. He became acquainted with the TRX Suspension system and kettlebells on his first day. Tonya is back after tripping on the stairs. A little tentative today, but motivated to hit the New Year running.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmass

So with Christmas coming things have definitely been winding down. David came in on Monday before Ben. No one was around on Tuesday and my last day before takig off to Bama, Ben & Mel decided to stop by (pictured below).

Ben got a whooping on a squats and burpee superset; that certainly takes it out of you. He made it throughthe rest of the workout. Mel did a monster superset that included the lowest TRX push-ups I have ever seen by a woman. They were pretty amazing. She is pictured below contemplating a single leg squat.

Be safe on the roads and enjoy your Christmas.

So longs and fare thee wells

So the las couple of days has been a rap for the year. George and Wilson both had their last sessions before jetting away to exoctic locales. So I left them with a little bit of pain to remember me by. Let’s just say it was my little gift to them.

David and Len came in on Thursday. They are another abandoning me over the holidays. They both got in good workouts as I’ll be seeing them next week.

The pic is our resident chiropractor Dr Salama getting after with the KB.

Double the fun

So first day post exams and it was off an early start. Wilson fame in early for a quick session before her spin class. It was a good quick session but a good one. George came in at midday after a three day workout weekend. His was a little stiff but we got some heavy legs in.

Then came the best part by special request Ben and Mel combined their sessions to workout together. The effect of the late night antics and me were probably the best and worst thing for them. They toughed it out and made it through. We were downstairs and outside swinging the kettlebells and running.

And the semester ends…now it’s a sole focus on butt kicking

My last exam finished at 3pm and it was awesome to say good bye to this semester. it was a great semester and I enjoyed most of my classes but any time you take another step to earning that diploma it is a great feeling.

It was back to the gym after the exam. Ben came in and did a total body hypertrophy workout. Let’s put it this way it was another variation on the theme for Ben and he came in tired but made it through. Then it was time for the return of Susan. She hasn’t made it in because she was occupied with finishing her semester but we attacked her imbalance fears and she put out a massive amount of work.

Am I or Aren’t I Back

Let’s see I posted a wee while ago saying I was going to be better, but I haven’t. So here is a quick post. It’s exam time and I have two exams tomorrow, so I am going to be pretty crazy.

But you are not here to read about that. Everyone is going well. With the end of the year a lot of people focus on goal setting and many of you are exhibiting this behavior. So just two tips on the goal setting: 1) Make the goal something you can measure (otherwise how do you know if you are progressing) & 2) Make it realistic (don’t go from zero-60).

If you keep these in mind the New Year’s resolution are far more likely to become habits.