I’m back…at least until finals

So it has been a really busy couple of months and the first thing I slacked on was the blog. I am happy to say that although the blog slacked the training didn’t. Although I think that some people wish I wouldn’t think about training when I am distracted in class!!!

George has been pretty consistent and ran a mile for the first time since knee surgery. He bought a pair of the Vibram Five Finger shoes and they have helped develop his proprioception and improved his running technique.

Yesterday was a busy day. Early morning class was pretty brutal. Robert threatened to go back to bed during the warm-up and even Janet stopes trying to dance because she didn’t have the energy. Then Wilson came in. She looked tired but got through a great workout. We hit abs pretty hard, but her least favorite was doing a couple of hamstring and back exercises super slowly.

After class David became the victim of my free time between class and Wilson. He had a tough workodut full of compound movements and a lot of twisting. Then George went heavy on chest. Len got a taste of the weights vest. It was a great job to stabilize and wear that at the same time. Then Ben came in after some time off with illness. I decided to do a benchmark to see how much the sickness had affected him, we did bench and pull-ups and he did a great job, but was spent by the end of it.