I’ve been busy

So I have to apologize for the absence but tes have been busy. School exams and assignments including attending Triad Stage’s production of “Picnic” and this blog fell through the cracks. But I am back now.

This week got off to a rip roaring start. David came in and we dropped the hammer. It was green for go and we did over 350 reps in the session. Then George came in and did the leg trifecta: lunges, front squats and leg press.

Then I dashed back to school before racing back for a session with Ben who has been as busy as I have with school. Still rehabbing his knee so we did a lot of basic legs, but absolutely destroyed his shoulders by upping the intensity by adding a power movement. While he was working out the Three Amigos from Bishop McGuinness (pictured below) came into work out and I used a similar principle to up their intesnity as the prepare for winter sports to begin.

I finished the day at Green Valley with Susan. I haven’t seen her in a while and it was a nice welcome back. She pushed really hard and went to work with on the focus mitts with an angry intensity.

I finished out my night by push pressig 225# for three. I was estatic because I have never lifted that much weight overhead. It really geed me up for this week.


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