I’ve been busy

So I have to apologize for the absence but tes have been busy. School exams and assignments including attending Triad Stage’s production of “Picnic” and this blog fell through the cracks. But I am back now.

This week got off to a rip roaring start. David came in and we dropped the hammer. It was green for go and we did over 350 reps in the session. Then George came in and did the leg trifecta: lunges, front squats and leg press.

Then I dashed back to school before racing back for a session with Ben who has been as busy as I have with school. Still rehabbing his knee so we did a lot of basic legs, but absolutely destroyed his shoulders by upping the intensity by adding a power movement. While he was working out the Three Amigos from Bishop McGuinness (pictured below) came into work out and I used a similar principle to up their intesnity as the prepare for winter sports to begin.

I finished the day at Green Valley with Susan. I haven’t seen her in a while and it was a nice welcome back. She pushed really hard and went to work with on the focus mitts with an angry intensity.

I finished out my night by push pressig 225# for three. I was estatic because I have never lifted that much weight overhead. It really geed me up for this week.

Congrats to the Kandrays

Congrats to Michael and Stephanie on the birth of their little girl Adah. She arrive on Tuesday afternoon and everyone, including Michael is doing well!!

George came in today and did DB swings. This was an exercise I never thought he would be able to do because of his knee injuries. Not only did he do them, he did high reps and mastered the form. Ben came in next and got flogged. Chest and back with just brutal superset and he was done. Great job to push through these workouts they are not easy!

The pic is of George completing DB swings.

Tuesday is first day of the week

Got off with a hiss and a roar with Melissa and Wilson. Great effort although Melissa got off pretty light considering she ditched me last Thursday. George came in at lunch and lifted heavy shoulders on the smith machine and Ben came in after that and learnt it is not the weight you squat it is the form. Both George and Ben did squats on the bosu while holding onto the TRX and then while in a down squat had me destablizing the bosu. I thought it was fun.

The rest of the week

So I have found that it is much harder to update a blog during school time. There are always things to do, chapters to read, math problem sets to be completed and travel along Spring Garden. So I have to apologize that I haven’t really been posting as much this week. But here is the run down.

Wednesday- only George, everyone else had somewhere to be or something else to do. George lifted back and got in a pretty good workout.
Thursday- was absolutely packed. I started with the early morning adult Parisi class and I unleashed a world of hurt. The theme was jumping so we started with box jumps before heading outside to run some sprints…yep I even chased Janet to make sure she gave 100% every time. I was then ditched by Melissa who had to look after sweet potatoes (I know it’s not nice, but I had to have a dig) before heading to school. I got back and greeted David with way to much energy and let’s just say by the end of the session I still had a lot, David not so much. George then came in and lifted legs. It was a good lift with a squat that 90% of his bodyweight, showing just how far he has come. Len rounded out the day, first time on the TRX and we used it multiple ways.
Friday- George came in early and we worked chest. Good lift, good start to the day. Then Wilson came for a late morning workout and we went downstairs. I think it was something like tire flips, burpees, ladders and hurdles. It was a pretty tough workout and I think that she didn’t think that she would make but not only did she finish, she was still smiling at the end. I finished out the week with Susan who came in late because she forgot the time our session started and we did a complete day of tabata exercises. It was brutal and the workout from the time I clicked the start button on my watch to the end was exactly 24 min. Let’s just say I don’t think that Susan will be late again.

So what else has been going on. At work I have been working out with a lot of the trainers. It gives me a chance to be more motivated for a workout because I am working out alongside someone and they get to use the TRX. This week Adrienne jumped in with…literally. We did over 50 burpees with medicine balls and 100 box jumps before throwing in some TRX exercises including the low row and tabata style planks. Let’s just say we both finished but it wasn’t easy. It is always great to work with your colleagues because it helps push your boundaries a little bit more.

TRX Suspension Trainer: Train Like the Pros.

Big start to the week

Monday got off to a big start. David completed a different sort of workout, heavy at the start form in the middle and speed at the end. George lifted heavy shoulders and made it through. Ben came into Green Valley and we modified his workout to give his groin strain a rest and hit a monster chest day. Then Susan was phenomenal as she completed a tabata set of squats on the vertemax!!!

Tuesday started off early and for some reason I had way too much energy and Wilson and Melissa caught the short end of it. Brutal session of metabolic training with a high cardio output mixed in with resistance. Ben came in te afternoon and continued with a one body part a day workout. Today it was back and when we got to a mid trap exercise he made the comment what color is this? I replied purple as it’s 25# to which he replies I thought the color meant it would be lite!! He is pictures below with the said bar.