Long Trip to Michigan…it’s taken some time to get settled

So this last weekend went up to Michigan for a wedding of friends and it was awesome. There was only one drawback…we had to drive to north Torch Lake which takes about 13 hours each way. Boy I was stiff the last couple of days. It has taken some time to recover and get settle back, most of my free time has been spent stretching just trying to feel good about moving at all.

Monday was really quiet. George came in and lifted heavy legs for the first time in ages. It was amazing only a few sets at the right weight and that was all his workout was. Different approaches at different times gets the continued results. Ben then came in later in the day and we only had 1/2 an hour, he then made the poor decision to wonder aloud whether we could get in a good workout. Well we quit after 24 minutes and Ben, he was done!

Tuesday was again pretty quiet. Once again only Ben and George. It was good times, nothing earth shattering, but good solid lifts. I struggled for motivation today, so I set my personal goal to complete a 30min row on a sub 1:55 average over 500m and then a TRX workout. Glad to say I did both, took me till midnight, but I got it done.


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