Whew…that was a long day

Early start with all staff in the Parisi class. They worked hard and accused me of running a Crossfit session, I let them know that the workout wasn’t intense enough to be Crossfit, but was probably closer in intensity to a traditional boot camp. They are below doing some squats in the middle of their sprints.

The keep going till it’s done attitude kept on throughout the day. Tonya came in for her a fresh perspective on working out and pushed really hard throughthe workout. Super impressed with her drive and determination to gut out a tough workout. Then Ben arrived 10min late and was finished 10min early! Wow we got through a lot of work quickly. Dave cruised through his workout today, the only hitch was the burpee to jump. Then finally George trundled in.

Now it’s a wee bit of time off before three coaching sessions tonight and my own workout afterwards. Pretty full sort of a day.


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