That’s a squat

Every trainer at some stage uses something to get pople to measure how deep a client is squatting: benchs, boxes and sometimes even a medicine ball. It takes the guess work out and gives the client a goal. The only problem is that it sucks to do. It is painful and it pushes you outside your comfort zone, thrntake this challenge and add your bodyweight with a barbell across your shoulders. This is exactly what Ben did and I was super impressed. Not an easy feat and he did it for reps!!!

Another amazing thing happened on Tuesday: David asked me to write down the workout so we could repeat it?!?!? He set himself a standard and wants to beat it. It is not going an easy workout but that is what goal setting and achieving is all about.

Wednesday was pretty quiet. Ben and George came in for their daily dose and Wilson made her early morning appearance. The highlight of the day was definitely getting Wilson running after squat and press, then making her do burpees in the same set.


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