Keep persevering

Today was the firstday back at work. The first day back at work is bitter-sweet. On the one hand you see everyone after a week away but the downside you are no longer at the beach. I struggled through the day a bit missing my girls especially because Brynn got her first round of vaccinations today. Poor wee girl had a pretty tough day and it wasn’t much better for Julie.

So I guess being back at work isn’t too bad. Everyone settled back into routine. George worked out two body parts (a rarity for him), Ben was chomping at the bit to be back and David gave his circumspect opinion that maybe he shouldn’t have given me such a nice review as a trainer (came during his first set of burpees!!). The star of the day was definitely Susan. She conquered her fear of squatting on the black side of the BOSU and did it well (I attached pic below).

Makes me think the harder somethig is the more we need to challenge ourselves to do it. I overcame my own challenge tonight when I finally did my first muscle up on he rings. That was awesome!!! Keep pesevering and everyone will be amazed by what you can achieve.


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