Four training sessions and two classes

The day started with George downstairs. He has made huge progress and was single foot hoping in between lifts today. From where he struggled to squat a year ago he is now up and running. Wilson followed close behind and learned just how difficult it can be to make a figure eight with a medicine ball.

Then it was a run to the car belt down Spring Garden park and run to theatre. A couple of hours at school then back to train David. I decided to do Tababta mountain sliders now that is some hard work. I finished out the day with Susan at Green Valley. She completed the squat ladder (55 squats with 1000 yards running).

Being flexible

Early morning class rocked out. We worked a lot of high intensity running and moving with the medicine balls. It was my three regulars: Janet, Robert and Wanda. Because we taxed the body in a slightly different way it played into different people’s strengths and others weaknesses. This meant each time they train as a class they must be prepared for whatever is in front of them and do it to their own potential without comparison.

Melissa was next on the list and Ben came in the afternoon. Both of them have niggly injuries that force me to be constantly aware and flexible in the exercises that I do. They have also developed a body awareness of what is pain from injury as opposed to muscle fatigue. They both got in good workouts but Ben gotta keep up with good stretching habits.

Head ’em up…

So this morning started off with something new: paired training. Melissa and Wilson came in bright eyed and bushy tailed for their first paired training. It was a beaut; trading off strength and cardio activities and keeping a hectic pace through the session. There is a photo of them posing during their alternating push ups.

Later George and Ben came in after classes. Len got his weekly edition of how to use machines in unusual ways and I managed to avoid working out until late.

Yep I procrastinated my tail off today eventually I set up the TRX at home and got in a good 45min workout. Kicked my butt, left me complaining and spent. I attached a pic that my wife took, she has to put up with this odd scheduling regularly!!!

Its about intensity…

So first day back at school today. Odd wee day I got lost looking for my classes (all three of them), but enjoyed being back in school. It is going to take some adjustment the whole parenthood, school and work thing.

Monday was a fun day. David was back after a weeks absence so we eased back into it. George came in and did some jumping and landing for the first time. Ben came in and we modified his workouts as he attempts to get through five days this week. Then Susan came in and I offered her the opportunity of a 24 minute workout. She took me up and had everything done in 20 and then was spent. Sometimes it is about lifting smarter and more intense. Change it up from the hum drum and try something new.

Late to bed early to rise means you need coffee

So Wilson headed in early this morning to free up time during the rest of her day. It is a slog whe. You change schedule and do something different. It took a little while but she quickly threw off the morning cobwebs and banged out a really good session.

I continues the heavy lifting theme of the week with George and Ben. George busted out the big rack dumbbells and Ben got after it as well. Big compliment by the trainers to Ben they reckon that he works out harder than anyone else in the gym.

Big congrats to Tonya who has lost 30# and has 15 more to go. She is pictured below after her workout. The best thing that Tonya has done to be successful is track what she eats. It helps.

Long Trip to Michigan…it’s taken some time to get settled

So this last weekend went up to Michigan for a wedding of friends and it was awesome. There was only one drawback…we had to drive to north Torch Lake which takes about 13 hours each way. Boy I was stiff the last couple of days. It has taken some time to recover and get settle back, most of my free time has been spent stretching just trying to feel good about moving at all.

Monday was really quiet. George came in and lifted heavy legs for the first time in ages. It was amazing only a few sets at the right weight and that was all his workout was. Different approaches at different times gets the continued results. Ben then came in later in the day and we only had 1/2 an hour, he then made the poor decision to wonder aloud whether we could get in a good workout. Well we quit after 24 minutes and Ben, he was done!

Tuesday was again pretty quiet. Once again only Ben and George. It was good times, nothing earth shattering, but good solid lifts. I struggled for motivation today, so I set my personal goal to complete a 30min row on a sub 1:55 average over 500m and then a TRX workout. Glad to say I did both, took me till midnight, but I got it done.

Whew…that was a long day

Early start with all staff in the Parisi class. They worked hard and accused me of running a Crossfit session, I let them know that the workout wasn’t intense enough to be Crossfit, but was probably closer in intensity to a traditional boot camp. They are below doing some squats in the middle of their sprints.

The keep going till it’s done attitude kept on throughout the day. Tonya came in for her a fresh perspective on working out and pushed really hard throughthe workout. Super impressed with her drive and determination to gut out a tough workout. Then Ben arrived 10min late and was finished 10min early! Wow we got through a lot of work quickly. Dave cruised through his workout today, the only hitch was the burpee to jump. Then finally George trundled in.

Now it’s a wee bit of time off before three coaching sessions tonight and my own workout afterwards. Pretty full sort of a day.

That’s a squat

Every trainer at some stage uses something to get pople to measure how deep a client is squatting: benchs, boxes and sometimes even a medicine ball. It takes the guess work out and gives the client a goal. The only problem is that it sucks to do. It is painful and it pushes you outside your comfort zone, thrntake this challenge and add your bodyweight with a barbell across your shoulders. This is exactly what Ben did and I was super impressed. Not an easy feat and he did it for reps!!!

Another amazing thing happened on Tuesday: David asked me to write down the workout so we could repeat it?!?!? He set himself a standard and wants to beat it. It is not going an easy workout but that is what goal setting and achieving is all about.

Wednesday was pretty quiet. Ben and George came in for their daily dose and Wilson made her early morning appearance. The highlight of the day was definitely getting Wilson running after squat and press, then making her do burpees in the same set.


So Monday awakens and the glory of new week dawns before I realize that in order to fulfill my obligations as a student I needed to get my immunizations. Now I am not fussed by needles, in fact I generally watch them go in while people stick me, more I was fussed by the fact that I had to spend time waiting to get an immunization. As it turned out it took so long that I had to cancel my session with David, so there was no training. Oh well, I guess it gave me some extra time to think of new and exciting variations to the hum drum exercises 😉

Do I have a stamp on my head…

Friday was a fun day of training. Wilson kicked off and started with 270# stacked on the leg press for 3 sets of 15 reps. Very, very impressive effort. Dave then came in after having to postpone from Thursday for his dose. He asked me the question about 40min into the workout whether he had a sign stamped on his forehead and if it said “kill me!” He completed and incredibly challenging workoutthat taxed the mental and physical capabilities. Then in the evening Ben and Susan meet me at Green Valley for their sessions. They are mother and son and while working towards different goals they both show the same steeley determination!! There is a pic of them below after their workouts which Ben described as his hardest workout yet!!