Busy Tuesday but a more relaxed Wednesday

Tuesday was hectic. Working five Parisi classes and jamming David and George between the morning and afternoon classes. It was a busy day, not too much time to rest but did end up moving the last pieces of stuff out of the old apartment.

Today I realized that it doesn’t take much to have a set back that forces you to re-evaluate how you train. Wilson has been working with me for months and seen her injured shoulder and knee develop well. A few weeks ago we did some high intensity push ups that caused her shoulder to flare up. This coupled with a swimers lifestyle has meant her shoulder hasn’t mended as we hoped. So know I am back at the drawing board changing intensities, modifying exercises and workouts. I learnt that sometimes regression is progress because you come back with more knowledge and a better foundation.

You’ve got to live and take chances. Learn from experiences and work everyday to do something that stretches your potential.


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