It’s Thursday…almost time for the big move

Not a whole lot of sleep last night because I was fretting. I had to be up for a 6am class and I couldn’t stop thinking about all the stuff that I have to do before I move apartment this weekend. One of the hardest things is to bust your butt when your tired, but if you push through the initial fatigue you come up Aces!

The class worked hard this morning. We worked inside and outside and everyone put in a top effort. Melissa found out how much harder jump rope is after doing TRX rows, burpees then jump rope. That is a tough triple set. David got caught at work but we still got a solid 48min workout; gotta love 45sec shoulder press :-).

So the big move is this weekend. A change of apartment was necessary, so we move in on Saturday, but today I have the prelims. A ton of stuff in the wagon and three flights of stairs; I guess it’s worth it for the vaulted ceilings.


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