Got it done

Got my first workout of the week done today. I have been pretty active, but pulled out the TRX and killed myself for about an hour. It was outside, so I was sweating like the proverbial.

It made me feel a lot better to get out and get it done.

The best laid plans…

So I planned to do a lot of exercising while I was at the beach this week, but the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition when there are children involved. They are the best plan breakers and teach the simple pleasures are enjoyed with or without planning.

So I am three days deep and haven’t exercised yet. Was planning to do it today before the nap times of the boys were short then I spent the time entertaining them…mostly trying to coerce them to swim to me in the pool.

Anyway there is no moral to the story except that trainers sometimes don’t get to train and that is OK!!!

Last day before a week at the beach

So the last day at work got off to a good start. David came in for an early mornig workout and did pretty well. Let’s just say when you have a routine of working out in the middle of the day and then you do somethig different it can throw everything off. David struggled with the difference this morning, but he pushed through and got everything done at a good pace. Then Wilson came in and also learnt the joy of multiple exercises stacked on top of each other. 120 jumps in a row without tripping…pretty impressive.

Now I’m waiting to get a haircut. This is always a nerve wracking experience for me because I don’t always trust people. But Shawn said he trusted this guy so I trust him. You might not recognize me next time.

Below is a picture of David finishing off his session with TRX straight leg med ball sit ups.

Why good form matters

Early morning start with 4 at the adult conditioning class. It is amazing how hard and how intense a class can be with only body weight and 6# medicine ball. Everyone did really well especially as it was early in the morning and there were some less than normal movements.

Melissa pushed incredibly hard today. We stacked exercises so they were or after the other with little or no rest. She was pretty impressive but not impressed with my photography skills so we will have to wait for a visual.

As for me I am suffering. I went heavy on my deadlifts last night and because I tried to muscle my way through a failed 500# lift I causes my back to tighten. It is alright but just reempahsies that form is paramount.

Busy Tuesday but a more relaxed Wednesday

Tuesday was hectic. Working five Parisi classes and jamming David and George between the morning and afternoon classes. It was a busy day, not too much time to rest but did end up moving the last pieces of stuff out of the old apartment.

Today I realized that it doesn’t take much to have a set back that forces you to re-evaluate how you train. Wilson has been working with me for months and seen her injured shoulder and knee develop well. A few weeks ago we did some high intensity push ups that caused her shoulder to flare up. This coupled with a swimers lifestyle has meant her shoulder hasn’t mended as we hoped. So know I am back at the drawing board changing intensities, modifying exercises and workouts. I learnt that sometimes regression is progress because you come back with more knowledge and a better foundation.

You’ve got to live and take chances. Learn from experiences and work everyday to do something that stretches your potential.

Where is everyone??

Quiet day at the office. Everyone is out of town or busy, so only George came in today. He was late and looked tired but we got through legs. So that is a positive.

Then I took one of the trainers, Janet, and put her through a light workout. Intense and to the point. I joined in, thought it would be fun. Maybe started to regret it a little when I was out of breath.

Ben made it and then…

Ben finally made it in here, apparently he’d been up to 4am. He made it in and completed 3 personal bests and 2 new personal bests. Let me preface by saying he’s put on 10# which is about halfway to his goal of 170#.

He did 3 rep max. Bench 225, 1/2 Squat 315 & Shoulder Press 115. New PB in full squat 225 & deadlift 245!!!

Here is Ben during his warm up set.